I’ve spoken previously about an arsehole family member that has been exactly that. He’s come up in readings with mediums as someone to be careful of and I’ve even had dreams with Russ telling me not to put up with him anymore.

3 years down the track and he’s still the same *really rude word* he was before. Thing is, he hangs in some of the same circles as I do. I don’t often have to be in the same space as him because he picks and chooses when he could be bothered, he lives quite far away. 

Saturday night just gone, we had a big party to attend, he wasn’t going to be there. But when I got there, there he was. Fucking groan. Thing is, he and I have learned to just ignore each other at these events because let’s face it, why talk to someone you hate? 

Everything was fine, we avoided each other well. Right up until he’d had just enough to drink to talk smack about me… To my sister. Get fucked, idiot.

Now normally, I’d just ignore it all. But I’m actually done with him being such an arsehole. It’s completely unjustified, all because he hasn’t dealt with his grief, and I’ve always been his emotional punching bag. He’s never been a very nice person nor an emotionally intelligent one and yet even I have made excuses for his poor behaviour but I finally snapped.

If he wasn’t such an arsehole, Id continue to just let him be but he’s been playing the blame game since Russ died and I’ve been his number one target. He’s been nasty, nasty, nasty. I don’t deserve that, there is actually no one to blame here. It’s no ones fault, it just is what it is.

So, finally after 3 years of vile treatment from this vile person, he got told all the things I’ve spared him for the last 3 years and he deserved every single one of them. 

I know, without a shadow of doubt, who’s side Russ would be on… He forgets who I was to the person he uses against me.

“Just ignore him, he hates himself” is the general consensus. That’s what we get taught when we’re young, ignore the bully and they’ll go away. Except they don’t. He hasn’t. I do wonder how well these well meaning people who tell me to ignore him (out of love, always) would fare constantly being made out to be a bad person when they’re not. I don’t suppose they’d cope very well either.

I will not ignore this anymore. I ignored it and forgave him a lot, when he didn’t deserve it. I will not stand idolly by anymore. I WILL NOT.