What a thing to say from a Mum to her girls. But I said it and I mean it.

To my beautiful girls – my beautiful, intelligent, caring, warm daughters,

I want you to one day feel heartbreak and here is why. Life always tips one way or the other. You NEED the crappy to really truly appreciate the good. You need the sadness and brokenness to know when you’ve got something great.

Do I ever want to see you hurt? No. When you hurt, I hurt. What this life has taught me though is that it is a necessary evil and no matter how broken you are, you can rebuild yourself. Is heartbreak the worst that can happen to you? Not even close. Will it teach you amazing things about yourself so you can be the best version of you for the duration of this lifetime, abso-frigging-lutely!

With good comes bad. FACT.

I want you to embrace the bad, learn from it. I want you to appreciate the adventure it takes you on because equally on the flip side is the adventure the good will do for you also.

I want you to… Live. Feel. Be. Do. I want your heart to be full and sometimes I want it to be empty because when it’s empty, you’ll learn so much about yourself.

I want you to travel, feel the world at your fingers tips and equally wonder what the heck you did to get into such a mess. You deserve mess, mess makes us better people.

To my darling girls, I want you to feel heartbreak because heartbreak helps create space for you to be whole. Whenever you need, I’m right here in your corner. Complete, broken or anything in between.

Mum Xxx