Silly me is in the midst of completing two Diplomas. I never do things in halves, you know? Have to go full speed, running to some finish line, getting shit done INSTANTLY, this fucking MINUTE.
So, I’ve of course over loaded myself, AGAIN, but this is nothing new. This is what I do. Am I going a little nutty? Little….
Do I feel overwhelmed? Yes, yes, absolutely yes.
Will it be worth it? Of course.

I’m ready to just get on with it. Be the best version of me. Have the quals I need to reflect the me I need to be to just get on with it all.

The next step in my career is important and a big jump. I don’t want to spend the time working my way up the ladder over years when I’m already most of the way there with the quals I have. I just need that extra step complete and then I can step into where I should already be.

What’s this got to do with my blog and what I normally talk about?
Moving forward, that’s what. Steps, leaps, jumps, bounces in the direction of my new life.

I could allow the underlying brokenness to overwhelm me or I could actually use my time to get going into this new future of mine. Because I deserve the future I create for myself.

The modules aren’t actually hard, as I’ve worked with both within my career. It’s just the time, which I have to keep reminding myself is going to pass anyway, so best fill it with something useful.

Something I’ve always known is my capabilities have always surpassed my current situation, whatever that may be at the time. One day, I will have completed both these diplomas and I’ll be glad I flogged myself now to do them.