I’ve been very mindful of starting this relationship fresh. Whole new beginning. Something completely different which of course is the completely rational way of doing this but emotionally, it’s harder to pull off.

I think it’s common for widows, and perhaps even divorcees to some degree to sort of pick up in the new relationship where they left off in the other. Probably more so widows, as it just ended and then what?

I’m a relationship girl, I always have been. I slot into that role well. Girlfriend/Lover/Partner/Fiancé/Wife. I’ve done it all before, it’s natural to just be that way to me. Thankfully I’m with someone who appreciates those roles but I’m still being very careful to let this play out how it should in the time line that it should. No rushing.

It’s ok to enjoy the early stages, to let things unfold, to just be – no expectations or worrying about what may happen. I don’t need to know if we’re forever, I don’t need to know we’ll get married or plan this whole long life together. It’s just nice to just be and allow.

Of course being the age we are means we’ve talked about things we see happening and being open about our needs and wants for our futures, because we’re at a stage now where we know what we want and don’t want. So we’ve communicated these things. We’ve just left off the rushing bit, it’ll all happen how it’s supposed to when it’s supposed to. Who needs that pressure? Neither of us, that’s for sure.

I can’t begin to describe how nice it is to just be living in this space without it needing to be anymore than it is right now in this moment. It’s so refreshing, so so easy.