A lot of people have spoken to me about moving on in the relationship sense over the last couple of years and I wasn’t sure if I’d ever truly be ready. How could I possibly love someone like I loved him? It seemed completely unfathomable. 

In fact, not so long ago, I had come to the conclusion that I’d already had my great love and now it was just time for me to live with no expectation of ever getting that again. Such a sad thought when I really think about it.

What I’ve learned is that that headspace was a preface to me having an ah-ha moment of “Oh my god, it’s happened, I am actually ready for this.”

Without going into too much detail, because God knows who’s reading, not only have I realised I’m ready but the minute I did it was like the universe delivered several compatible suitors ripe for my picking. Hi guys, just line up here thanks. I’ll be with you in a moment.

Dating is a foreign concept for me. I’m relationship girl. I just sort of find myself in a relationship and have managed to skip the dating part. At least in the traditional sense. I guess being the unconventional person that I am has meant I’ve always just done it my way. 

It’s actually kind of fun, and nice just to let things grow without any expectations or plans other than today. This moment, right now, that’s what matters the most. It’s interesting to observe myself in this space, it would seem my tastes and needs have changed. I guess I always just started seeing someone and then it was just about them, everyone else just fell away. But now I’m enjoying keeping my options open and allowing for different people to provide different things. I guess then I can truly see who is best suited across the board.

Ah life, you funny little beast.