This photo is one of the hundreds I’ve got of Russ and I loving one another.

You only have to look through our photos together to know how much we adored one another. Every second photo was of one of us looking at the other one with total love in our eyes.  If you were lucky enough to witness it in person, then that was a whole different story in itself. Our love was a mix of laughter, banter, arguing (our favourite pastime) and complete adoration. Ok, sometimes we didn’t like each other very much, but we always loved.

As time goes on, I sometimes forget what we had; which sounds ridiculous, how could I forget that? It’s hard when they’re not here to confirm it like they used to. Sometimes, I have to really really immerse myself in that old life to remember just what we had. I didn’t make it up. We really were each other’s best friend.

I only have to look back on our text messages to one another to know that there wasn’t one day where we didn’t tell each other we loved, adored, admired one another. Not one day.

Even if it was done while frustrated.

“Fuck you shit me, how hard is it to pick up your shit? ”

“But baby… You love me. And I love you! Lots many!”

“Grr! Love you too. Lots many, maybe like 27 or something. Jerk face.”

“Bitch tits, did you eat my leftover cannelloni? I was saving that for when I got home.”

“Yes, it was DELICIOUS!”

“Now what will I eat? Air I suppose?”

“When I get home, I’m going to cook you the best damn meatballs this side of the harbour bridge.”

“I love you. I love your meatballs. You’re a bitch but I’ll keep you. Xxx”

When he was working away:

“It’s only fun to have the bed to myself for one night. COME HOME! I miss you snoring loudly and obstructing the tv with your ridiculously long legs.”

“I hate being here away from you. My heart misses his Mazy. I’ll be home as soon as I can listening to YOU snore, Bestie.”

Or just because…

“Love your guts, my gorgeous girl.”

“How many loves do you have for me today?”

“Like, 5 maybe?”

“That’s not very many!”

“Out of 4! That’s massive!”

We really did have something great. I just have to kept reminding myself that when I forget.