If you were to look back on your life and think about the things that have happened along the way and the energy you’ve spent on certain situations, would you regret spending so much time worrying about things?

I know I do. That’s where my regrets lie, in the energy put out to situations that at the time seemed huge but in hindsight, were really just a useless waste of my time.

The last couple of years have been stresses to do with living my life ever after with a broken heart. Some stresses are valid and unavoidable.

Prior to that though, what did I stress about that was unnecessary? My ex and his toolbox behaviours, money, time, people being people. Seriously… What a waste of my precious time.

I know a year from now will look COMPLETELY different from today. I know that if I spend time worrying now about silly things, they’ll not even be on my radar in 12mths time.

I always try to say to my kids that whatever is going on right now won’t matter soon enough and they don’t get it. I wouldn’t have when I was their age either.

Whatever it is you’re worrying about, STOP IT. In 12mths time, this shit you’ve got playing in your head right now won’t even be a thing. Why waste time worrying about it now?