Off to Tasmania this afternoon. It’s funny, I never really saw myself going there. It was one of those places I sort of put on the Yeah, if it happens or comes up, I guess I’ll go but I never really put any weight into thinking I would.

Then my sister was going for work and told Mum and I to come down for the weekend so, off to Tassie we go. 

Russ said quite a few times that he wanted to move down there. He’d never been but he was SURE he just wanted to pack up and head south. I’m guessing he had this idealistic view of timber houses on mountains amongst trees in the middle of nowhere. I say that because that was very him. He was happiest in the middle of bum fuck nowhere. Maybe he thought it was the best place to escape to… He liked to escape. Who knows.

He never made it which upsets me a little, not even for a little weekend trip. I did enjoy listening to him talk about this place though, as if he knew in his gut that it was his world.

So naturally, as with everywhere I go, I’ll be taking some of him with me to leave behind in this favourite place of his that he never got to visit. 

Oh Rusi… If only it was you in person.

Miss his guts. 😪