The day I got married to my bestie, I did the ‘official’ name change and by official, I mean I changed my name on Facebook. That’s pretty bloody official.

6 weeks later, he died. I never actually got to change my name to his ‘officially’ and by that, I mean in the real world.

Today marks 18mths since he died. I can not wrap my head around that to be honest. How is that even possible?

Today I changed my Facebook name back to that which is was. I have made the legal and official moves to change part of my name to his but the fact remains, my name is still my name and he isn’t coming back to make me Mrs K “officially”.

Call it part of the process. Another step forwards, if you will. He would want me to do whatever I needed to do in any given milli-moment for whatever reason to be ok with who I am now, without him. This feels right.