To my fabulously unique, charismatic, special (not licking the windows special -mostly), funny, kind, honest, loyal, warm and gorgeous Russ;

If you were here, I’d have spent half of last night shooing you from the kitchen as I made you your favourite triangle sandwiches as part of your birthday present.

If you were here, I’d have got up early and surprised you with a pleasant morning mood (something you know I’m not good at doing!)

If you were here, I’d have sent you many many texts today telling you how much I love you (possibly some about how very bloody old you are compared to me!)

If you were here, my whole day would be spent thinking about something delicious I could make you for dinner.

If you were here, I’d have made you feel special on your special day. Like I always did. Because you deserved that.

If you were here…. I could show you how important it is that you are here.

Happy heavenly birthday Rusi. I hope you have someone up there to make you triangle sandwiches, though I have no doubt your Nan would be doing just that.

Love you baby. Me xxx