We’re all guilty of it at some stage in our lives. Every single one of us at some point has done something because “it’s just easier”. But then there are those people who live and die by that.
“It’s just easier” becomes a way of life. The alternative is that they step out of their comfort zone and battle their way out of the ‘easier’ option. The easier option, FYI, is rarely easier. They live their lives in fear of the unknown, the harder path, the possible struggle of a choice based on where they actually want to go. You know what happens when you fight for yourself though? The struggle is worth it, the relief is overwhelming, the end result is something you worked for and so you’re proud of yourself. You earned this good life. Go you!

There have been times in my life where ‘it’s just easier’ have come into play. One very prominent one, pre husband, was living in an emotionally abusive relationship because leaving that would mean I was on my own and I’d have no help with the kids. Fear kept me in that relationship when really, I should have been fearful of what I was living in.
It took me a couple of times, but I finally got out and I never looked back. I deserved better.

I don’t do the path of least resistance. This is something I’ve learned. I will fight and squabble and scratch myself out of shit because I know that the struggle is something we have to feel in order to go where we need to go. I don’t stay in a shitty situation. I don’t opt for the ‘easier’ option, because the easier option doesn’t work. The easier option is filled with regret and it wastes time. Time none of us have, by the way.

Are you in a crappy relationship? You don’t deserve that!
Are you in a crappy job? You know there are other jobs out there, right?
Do you hate the house you’re living in? So, move.
Do you feel shit about the friends you have? Find new ones.
Is your financial situation shithouse? Do something about it!


Because it’s easier? I think not.