*Gasp* She said his name…
To my darling husband, Rusi…

I was dancing around in the lounge room tonight to a song that just came out. One you’ve never heard but it always makes me think of you. I was dancing because I’ve had a shit day. Nothing major, just a heap of tiny little things that made me groan out loud and wish for today to be over.

I was dancing in the lounge room because dancing always makes me feel better and I remembered that over the last two weekends when it’s something I’ve indulged in again after what feels like the longest of long times.

You used to laugh at me because I loved to dance. Anywhere there was music, straight or sober, I’d dance. Because it made me happy, dancing does that.

When this song came on channel V tonight, I danced. In my socks on the tiles. I spun around the room feeling my vibration lift. I was feeling a little better.

This song makes me think of young love, of wild adventures, of passion and fun and laughter. I don’t know why. I have no idea at all but that’s what it incites in me.

I pictured you dancing around the lounge room with me. Because you would have. Then you would have done something retarded and we’d have laughed and laughed.

I like that something so simple is pleasurable again for me. That it doesn’t make me think of what I’m missing but rather what I had.

I love you, Fend. Xx