I just spent the weekend in Melbourne at the Empowering Women’s conference run by the beautiful Kristy Vallely – CEO of The Imperfect Mum, one of Australia’s top Mummy forum/blogging sites. Kristy and I became friends when she reached out to me through The Imperfect Mum during the early days of my journey. She’s a beautiful woman with a heart of gold. I’m lucky to have her in my life and exceptionally lucky to now call her a friend.

They was a lot of reflection stuff at the Empowering women conference. Loads. Here on stage was woman after woman speaking of their journey and their hands in other peoples journeys.

Truth was spoken. Love was shared. Perspective was gained.

If you EVER get a chance to attend one of these put on by The Imperfect Mum, do yourself a god damn favour and get your arse there!
This blog was originally started to get everything in my head out of it. The purpose for it was a selfish one at first. All this shit in my head. A gazillion different thoughts and feelings whirling around endlessly.

A few posts in though, I realised that it could hold a different purpose also.

What if I started to write to readers about my journey? What if, I wrote this blog not just for me but for other young widows who just need to know that there is someone else out there who is also crawling out of this hole?
Some of my posts are about the bad shit. Some are about my journey out of the dark.

Some are reflective. Some are just jumbled thoughts and crap that swims in my mind constantly.

The common theme here with all of them however is that they’re all real. Every single one of my blog posts is about my journey from the dark to the light and around again because let’s face it, do you ever really get over losing your person? I think not.
I want to inspire. When I said that to myself originally, that old mean girl voice ran through my mind.

“Pfftt. Tickets on yourself there love? You’re just you, what can you do to change people’s mindset?”
Well, fuck you mean girl voice. I can do a lot. I was blessed with a mum who told me always that I could do anything. How dare I not honour that gift from her!
I can NOT just focus on the ‘highlights’ (Thanks Kristy!), the highlights in this case being the negative shit. Let’s face it, in a young widows journey, the juice is in the crap.

 I can focus on the good ‘highlights’ too and show people that even when life is the shittest of shit, there is light and laughter and love and a future to look forward to. Im not giving up. Like ever. I will not be a victim to circumstance. Watch this space, the best is yet to come.
Last night I was blessed to sit and chat with some incredibly inspirational women. Women who make positive changes to the world everyday with just their sheer presence. Women who have been through the wringer and still get up every morning to fight another day.

Woman power is not dead. Woman power is strong and nurturing and prevalent.
Eden Riley of edenland is one I had the absolute pleasure of connecting with last night. The hell she’s lived and yet her laugh is big and bold, her presence is fresh and her intention is pure. You want real, talk to that chick, she’s fucking real!

I’ll admit to having had a total fan girl moment when I met her.

I introduced myself to her in the morning, “Hi Eden, my name is Maz, I’m a huge fan!”

Her response, “I’m a huge fan of you too!”

Not because she knew who I was, just because she’s like that. What a champ!
Other highlights of yesterday included Nathalie Brown of Easy Peasy Kids with her no bullshit and awesome life stories and, Suzie Botross – Author of Break Free from Mother Guilt. She is walking, talking rationale.

Another day of blessed. 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend Peeps!