Fact #1: Everybody dies.

Fact #2: There is not one single human on this planet who will live eternally in the life they’re currently living.

Fact #3: One day, you will just be a name on a plaque or in an ancestry book and no one who is existing will have personally known you or anyone who knew you.

So why is it, if all of us are going to die, that we are so ridiculously in denial about the fact that it’s going to happen to every single one of us at one point?

Let’s just say, you’ve been told tomorrow is your very last day on earth. Would you do something different? Would you love more, laugh more, live that day out better than you live out every other day?

Would you be kinder? Would you have more fun? Would you go out of your way to make someone else happy? Would you spend all your money, kick up your heels, do things you’d never have thought were possible or never had time to do?

I’d hazard a guess and say that not one of you would make sure you’re caught up with your favourite television program or your washing or housework. I’d put money on that.
So, what would you do?