When tragedy strikes, the family congregates, that’s how we deal.

Last week, once again, we all gathered whilst our hearts searched for reasons why this would happen at all.
Once again, the same family who had felt such pain was together feeling for members of their fold.

It’s a blessing, right there, when a family becomes one. No matter what everyone has been through, no matter their own lives, trials and tribulations, personal issues and engagements, they were there – as one.

At the end of the day, that’s what matters. Togetherness. Support. Union.

That’s 3 times now. Where we’ve all gathered and put all our hearts in the ring. We’re one…
It’s not until you’re in that situation that you finally realise what a gift that is. No matter what, we’ll drive from all directions and just be together and no one thinks twice. That’s where we’re all supposed to be, this is what we’re all supposed to do.