A common sentence said to me by healers and the like while on my Eat, Pray, Love trip was this;


At first, I was offended. How dare they tell me that door is closed, what do they know? I wasn’t ready to close that door.

But as time (days, not lengthy time) went by and the more I heard it, I realised they were right. *gasp*
I didn’t actually have a choice here. The door was already closed, what was I getting all defensive about? I can stand there at that closed door all I liked, but it’s not going to open again. It’s locked. For good. No matter how hard I wish it would open.

What I learned was that it was a choice. That I could actually see this for what it was and get on with it or I could continue to CHOOSE to hold on. To nothing.

The message came through loud and clear after I heard it quite a few times. Maybe it’s the language barrier and the lack of cushy empathising western words, but the blunt delivery stung. Then a little less the second time and then less. Eventually I was like, “Yeah yeah, I know. Door closed. Got it.”

And I really did.

That door is closed. Who knows what’s on the other side of this life but for this one, that door was jammed shut. It was done. Great chapter, time to turn the page.