Over a weekend not long ago I spent time with some of Husband’s mates.

They were standing around talking about such and suchs wife and how this one time she was such a bitch and how her husband was such a great guy.

I listened and knew that I too had been guilty of being that bitch. That’s life though. That’s marriage. Two people together having to consider one another constantly, there are bound to be some bitchy/arsehole moments along the way.

Fact of the matter is, even the best marriages have some tension sometimes. The two sides of that marriage are both human, they have their frustrations, their issues, their annoyances. Sometimes they’re tired, feeling unappreciated, not being supported enough.

This had me sitting there thinking of all the things that Husband used to do that drove me bat shit crazy. There were a lot. He was a good man, but he was human. He had flaws, as do I.

While I was listening to these guys talk, I wondered what the hell they thought marriage really was. Roses all the time? Because it isn’t. Even being with your favourite person in the whole world doesn’t make you immune to life stuff. It doesn’t prevent low energy, or work shit or kid stuff or money troubles. It doesn’t stop life from happening just because you’re sharing it with someone you want to share it with.

I wondered, just because, what they had spoken of me in the past. I’m no angel, these were Husband’s confidants. They’d heard it all no doubt. At some point, I had been the bitch they were talking about. Interesting.

Thing is, that doesn’t lessen me as a good wife. I was a good friend and partner to Husband. But I’m human, as is this other wife who I am told is beautiful, lovely and a very very good wife.

I suppose it’s just talk and that’s ok.
It made me think about the flaws though which is always a good thing. Getting to a point where my thoughts are more rounded and realistic helps. It definitely helps to have it all relative to the situation and helps me set out at planning my future.

Life wasn’t all peaches but it was good and we were happy. I could and can be a bitch and Husband could be a real arsehat, but we were and are good people.

Sometimes even the best people are jackasses. That’s just life.