I arrived in my travel destination last night… Alone.

I’ve got to tell you, night time is the shiz when it comes to really knowing how alone you are. That’s ok though, it’s just part of the journey.

I’ve woken up today with a skip in my step and wonder in my heart. I’ve managed to get a little colour, eat some food, walk a gazillion footsteps and am about to do a really good impression of beached whale in the hotel pool area.

The hotel room I’m staying in is quite small and where that would normally irritate me, this time it feels appropriate. Safer even. I’m not sure why… Less room to notice there is only one of me in here?

I hadn’t realised that I’d booked myself into a hotel on the main drag of night life central. I can’t say I’m upset, that’s usually very me. This time though, I can’t see myself wandering the streets alone at night.

My thongs are begging for some reprieve. They have travelled with me for the last 6 years and have seen better days. It didn’t seem right not to bring them though, they’ve supported my feet for all my adventures. Perhaps some newbies would be in order for these new adventures I seem to be taking?

Tomorrow I’m off to Ubud. To go to the Healing Baths where you wash away any karmic holds you may have and attempt to heal any broken bits of your soul. Gosh I hope that water is very well blessed because my broken bits are a plenty.