Bright lights, rampage city. My brain has been an absolute shit storm.
I’ve tried everything I could think of to get out of it, bar drinking because drinking alone for me is bad news!

To start off with, I got a grand total of 2.5 hours sleep so waking up was fun. That didn’t help matters of course.
Then it rained all day and the dogs went out to play in it so I couldn’t let them inside because I was busy using the entire lounge room to fold what felt like a years worth of clean washing. They barked and carried on like arsehats all day despite choosing to go and play in it in the first place.
The storm filled the pool with dirt from my next door neighbours place AGAIN which, FFS!
The piece de resistance however is that I’m having a Husband angry day, probably brought on by all the other factors coupled with our looming anniversary and the fact that HE’S NOT HERE to celebrate it with me.

I’m feeling very cranky at him today. Cranky he’s not here. Cranky he could be. Cranky that I have to do this by myself. Cranky that I can’t be cranky at him like other normal wives get to be. Fucker.

I’d go all ‘woe is me’ but I’m too fucking mad for that right now.

We had plans, we had a life ahead of us, we loved. Why the fuck is he not here when other useless twats get to continue breathing?
… Told you I was mad.

Just another wave, Maz. It’s just another wave. You know it, everyone else knows it. You’ve just got to go with it, it’ll be over soon.
Well, you can fuck right off too, wave.

Can not wait for today to just be over. *Groooooaaaaannnnnnnn*