I got 6 years with my love. It’s a lot and yet it’s nothing at all too. Certainly not long enough thats for sure.

That doesn’t mean however that our love or our time together was any less valid than if people had been in a relationship with someone for 40+ years.

A common theme of condolences towards me amongst elderly folk has been that I’m young, I get another chance at finding love again if I want to and that they don’t know what they’d do because they’ve lived more of their lives in their relationship than not so in a way, I’m ‘lucky’ that it didn’t happen later when my chance of moving forwards is less.

I get what they’re saying but really, how rude.
I probably will get a chance to find love again but it will never be the same, I want my old love back.
I perhaps will get a chance to move forwards and start a new life while I’m still young and capable of doing so, but I liked the one I had.
Just like them, I have no idea how I’ll go living without him by my side.

6 years or 60 years, I have lost my soulmate. Our love for one another is just as valid as theirs, I just wasn’t lucky enough to spend all those years with him. That’s the only difference. We sure did jam pack a whole lot of memories in there but we could’ve had 40 more years of those kinds of memories too.
So, no I’m not ‘lucky’, I missed out on what they got. Our love was cut short and now I have to live with that for the rest of my days. I’m 32, there are a lot of days ahead of me.

I may find love again, but I may not too. I still can’t quite wrap my head around how you can lose someone you’re completely in love with and then open your heart up to someone else. I know it happens and I know I’m probably capable of it too but for now, it’s a mystery. A part of me no longer exists on this plane. A part of me went with him that day. So even if I do find someone else to share my days, will they get a whole  version of me? Unlikely.

So no, I’m not lucky. I miss out on what the elderly have received. Our 6 years love affair had it’s up and downs but we loved and we loved hard. Now I have to live for the rest of my life knowing that I had something pretty great and now I don’t. Our love was just as valid as yours.