Dear Husband,

When we started hanging out, I was a wild and unruly 26yo on a mission. I had come out of a long term relationship with a shit head a year earlier and I’d basically spent the better part of that year finally spreading my wings. I was finally seeing the potential that was me, I was no longer governed by someone else’s bull shit and hypocrisy, I WAS FREE.
Then you came along, with your humour and your live-and-let-live attitude. You noticed little things about me that others didn’t. You challenged my wit, stimulated me intellectually and restored my faith in what a relationship should be. It wasn’t one sided, we were equal. You didn’t demand respect unearned, you earned it and gave it. You took everything at face value instead of feeding off insecurities to make yourself feel better. You were the breath of fresh air that I needed in my world. You were a good man. A man with issues of your own, but someone who could look after himself and didn’t require a mummy to look after you. You had good morals and always tried to do the right thing. You accepted your flaws and apologised for your wrongs. Nothing was ever anyone else’s fault, you owned your mistakes and life choices.

I went into that relationship thinking men weren’t much chop, I’m not going to lie. But thanks to you, my faith restored to mammoth proportions. My biggest worry regarding that is that I’ll never find someone with all those beautiful qualities again. That I won’t find someone as true to themselves and their other half as you were. That stuff is important and I’ll never forgo those things again.

The girl you met was wary and didn’t believe that people were mostly good. She was somewhat jaded and had been taught that men couldn’t tick any of those boxes.
The girl I am now, thanks to you, is more rounded. She believes in the good in people first. She trusts her instincts and knows what she’s worth. She won’t settle for second best, because why should she?

You did that. By just being you, you shaved off the rough bits and showed me a world where people were responsible for themselves. Where people respected one another, considered each other, spent their days being good friends, good partners, good sons and daughters. One where it was ok to have good expectations on how my life should go, because it’s my life and I deserve great things!

Your presence changed me. I’m not the girl I was, I am better. Thanks to you.