So that happened. Last night, I sat in a room with over 100 people and listened as Allison Dubois brought through the nearest and dearest of a select few. Luckily for me, I had the opportunity to listen to her connect with Husband.

Lots of people don’t believe in ‘The Other Side’, lots of people don’t think that mediums can actually do what they claim to do. I on the other hand do. I’ve seen, heard and felt it first hand and you couldn’t convince me otherwise. Coming from someone who is naturally skeptical about everything, the faith I have in some peoples abilities and gifts is unfathomable even to me. You can’t deny something that has been proven to you over and over though. No matter how hard you try. I don’t believe everyone who claims to have gifts does but it doesn’t take much to know a fraud from the real deal.

Throughout this journey, I have sought out mediums and others who can connect with the other side but this by far was the biggest highlight. I mean, Allison Dubois… Seriously? She talked to my husband for me. How frigging awesome is that?

As with all readings, validation is required, so you know that it’s them the medium has connected to. She tuned in straight away and validation was within seconds.
I didn’t like some of the things that he said but that’s neither here nor there. They were real and relevant to us.

My take away from this amazing experience is that I need to work further on letting go. I knew that already but now I’ll be more conscious in that journey, because I really do need to let go. Sometimes it takes someone saying something, even if you know it already, to take that next step and I’m nearly there.

I didn’t think I’d be emotional but the moment my girlfriend handed me the mic, it was bubbles and hiccups and tears. That could have been for a few reasons but I’m putting it down to 1) I was talking to a frigging celebrity! and 2) I knew instantly, he was on the other line.

Suffice to say the experience was definitely enlightening and definitely an experience I will treasure forever. Thank you Allison DuBois and Thank you Husband for your insight. xxx