Argh. Valentine’s Day.

It’s safe to say that when Husband was here, it wasn’t the most romantic day of the year for me anyhow but it’s not really the romance I’m lacking. Valentine’s Day has the ability to show you just how alone you are.

I’ve been single on Valentine’s Day before. From memory I liked it. I didn’t feel alone because I’d chosen to be single.
Today however, today I’m feeling it.

I thought I’d be ok purely because Husband almost went out of his way to not be romantic on Valentine’s Day every year because it was ‘expected’ of him. He was never traditionally romantic anyway – so much so that he asked me to marry him one night in the garage, sitting on a milk crate with a can of Bundy in his hand. Like it was nothing. I actually had to say to him, “Did you just ask me to marry you?”

That was just him though, never one to fit the norms – he just did stuff his way and most of the time, that suited me just fine.

So today, it’s not the cards or chocolate or flowers I might *not* have received that’s made me sad, it’s the very missing of him and him alone.
There are couples worldwide today just being a part of a couple. Whether they celebrate it or not, whether they shower their other half with grand gestures or whether they just tell their partner they love them.
Today, all aspects of that is non-existent for me. My person isn’t here and it’s rough. Rougher than I predicted.

If you and your partner aren’t huge on the romance thing, that doesn’t matter. You don’t even have to spend a cent. An, “I love you, honey” is enough from the person you love. The old “I’m not buying into the hype of Valentine’s Day” is just a justification and cop out for being a shit and neglecting the one thing you should be doing anyway, regardless of the date. Yes, it’s just another day but why not spend it appreciating what you do have instead of putting all your energy into being against it? Love doesn’t have to cost a cent. Why not use the day of love to show someone you do love them? Even if you already do it, give it a whirl. Betcha it doesn’t hurt you one bit.

Appreciate one another today because we don’t always have the forever we plan for. Tomorrow isn’t a guarantee so make the most of today. Don’t take each other for granted.

Happy Valentine’s Day, all. xx