There is no doubt about it, I am truly blessed.

My support network has been amazing and I know how lucky I am to have had that support and love during this ordeal. People really rallied, creating a finely knitted netting so I’d never fall and that support continued to function that way until I was able to stand by myself.

I was warned about the support dropping off early, through other peoples experiences. I was warned that in a short amount of time, people would fade out somewhat because they were busy, they couldn’t handle it, they didn’t know what else to do.
That didn’t happen to me though. They stuck around, they circled around me and took turns, they didn’t let me go.
The people who said they were there continued to be there which I’ve since learned is a rarity. This level of continuous support isn’t common which is a shame and I have been so lucky.

People gave up chunks of their time, took time off work, took time away from their families and lives to make sure I was ok. They put their own lives temporarily on hold and surrounded me.

Everything I’ve read about widowhood indicates that in a short amount of time following the death of a spouse, you suddenly find yourself very alone. Experiences varied of course but the average time the support was complete was anywhere from up to the funeral to about a month in. People have their own lives they need to continue living, just because your world has ceased to exist as it once did, theirs hasn’t.

And yet, 8 months in, I still have any one of those people around if I need them. I still get checked in on. People drop in, call, text, Facebook msg me, save things for me they think might help me in this journey. For this level of commitment, I will be eternally grateful.
I can only imagine how tiresome this has been for you all. For a lot of you, you lost your family member or good friend at the same time I lost my husband. For a lot of you, grief over losing him yourself would have also been wearing you down. But you stuck by me. You called in, stayed in my bubble, listened when I was broken – over and over again.

I can not even begin to describe how grateful I truly am and how very blessed I know I’ve been and continue to be. For the people in my world… I am so lucky to have you.