I don’t just miss my husband, I miss my friend. He was a really great friend to all his mates and he was to me as well.

So many people are in relationships where their other half is just their partner but what is lacking is that genuine friendship. We were friends, the kind that really enjoyed each others company (most of the time – we had our moments like everyone else).

I think the main thing I miss about our friendship is the humour. We shared a wicked sense of humour between the two of us and spent a lot of time laughing. Both of us would go out of our way to amuse the other person regularly.
Laughter really is the best medicine for just about everything. It works out kinks on a cellular level, easing tension, relaxing the mind, smoothing out the creases that life puts in your way.

I could always guarantee a belly laugh when he was around, even if it was over not much. We were on par that way and it really made life so much better. Ever noticed how much smoother things run when you’re relaxed enough to just enjoy them?

I went out on Saturday night and like always, noticed his absence. Sometimes it’s more apparent and even though I was having a good time, a great time actually, there was a very real lacking of him.
He wouldn’t have got up on the dance floor with me, but he would have been the life of the party. It seems so ridiculous to say that on reflection because we were all very busy laughing and joking around. I found myself thinking about him a lot, talking about him and telling stories, wondering if it would be different if he were there.
I would say that that was because who I was out with were people who we hung with as a couple.

Afterwards, I was home in bed alone. Again, no him. After a night like that, we’d probably be in bed giggling and talking about the night we had but instead I had the tv on low and there was definitely no giggling.

It’s far more obvious sometimes when he is missing. It’s sad when I realise how I’ve become so used to certain things without him now but sometimes, my friend not being around leaves a huge hole that even a really great night can’t fill.